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Art and design group

Les Visages (2011)

Para One & Tacteel | A1 - "Œuvres Complètes"

Libération N°9643 (2012)

Libération - Paris

Visuals to illustrate the "Eco Futur" notebook

Carton (2013)

L’Éléphant (2009)

Typographic creation

Akatre is a French graphic design studio formed by Valentin Abad, Julien Dhivert and Sebastien Riveron. The trio works in a variety of fields including typography, graphic design, photography and video.


Artist's information, images and videos: excerpted from Akatre website

Sans titre (2013)

Monolith (2013)

Photo series for Mother magazine


Memo - Memorise (2013)

Laurent (2014)

Good Enough (2013)


La Diagonale (2007)

Typographic creation


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